Northumbrian Voices


Northumbrian Voices


A double CD of stories, tunes,  songs, memories and chat based on Kathryn Tickell’s memories of the older generation of Northumbrian musicians from whom she learnt a lot of her tunes. Recorded live in 2012.

Of all the richly multifarious projects encompassed by Kathryn Tickell’s nearly 30-year career to date – including collaborations with Sting, The Chieftains, Penguin Café Orchestra, Evelyn Glennie and Andy Sheppard – Northumbrian Voices is perhaps the one she was born to create. Interweaving songs, tunes and spoken-word narrative, performed by a six-strong cast spanning three generations, it leads listeners on a magical, moving, humbling and often hilarious journey through the culture and lore of her family’s native North Tyne Valley.

While the genesis of Northumbrian Voices – originally premièred in September 2011, and now captured live on CD – arguably dates back to Kathryn’s early childhood, as she grew up absorbing the district’s traditions first-hand from family and neighbours, it grew to fruition after she began transcribing dozens of conversations and musical exchanges with those same local denizens, lovingly if scratchily preserved on cassette as she’d learned her craft.
Part One
Recorded Voices
The Fiddle
Learning to Play
Shining Pool/Tumblers
Walking to Dances
Canny Shepherd Laddies
Will Atkinson (Words)
Will Atkinson (Song)
Hard Times
Small Coals
Part Two
Redesmouth Rd/27 Miles
The Quadbike
Your Cheatin' Heart
The Feisty Gamecock
Grey Bull/Wark Football Team
Wildflowers & Grass
Allery Burn
Carrick Hornpipe
Song for the North Tyne
Willie Taylor set
(Encore Intro)
The Company Makes the Feast
Northumbrian Voices (Bonus Track)

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