The Hooky Mat Project CD

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The Hooky Mat Project CD


‘This 19 track CD of songs draws together some of the region's finest singers to collaborate in creating a musical hooky mat. There the parallel fails, for the raw material here is no old scrap, but an assembly of songs from the region's most prolific and perceptive songwriter, Shiney Row's finest, Ed Pickford. He's been writing songs for nearly 60 years, many political and comic, but always acutely observed and continuing to be recognised worldwide. This CD is a credit to all concerned, a homage to Ed and his music, and if you're not aware of the quality of his work, now's your chance to find out!’ - Jim Bainbridge, Living Tradition Magazine

A hooky mat was a working-class floor covering made - out of necessity - from strips of cloth from old garments. It was a collaborative process. The strips of cloth were hooked into hessian stretched on a wooden frame.

The idea for this album - like a hooky mat - was to work collaboratively with some of the folk artists based in the North East of England - to produce a “musical” hooky mat. The “strips of cloth” being some of the songs Ed Pickford has written since about 1961.

The Artists

Geoff Anderson, Karl Barlow, Bert Draycott, Barry Etherington, Lucy Falkenau,
Di Henderson, Marie Little, David Normanton, Pegleg Ferret [Geoff Anderson, Benny Graham, Keith Pollard, Ed Pickford, Jim Sharp, Ray Shenton, George Shovlin, George Welch, The Wilsons [Tom, Chris, Steve, Ken & Mike] and Pete Wood.


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