Windy Gyle Band - Purple Hills to Coast CD


Windy Gyle Band - Purple Hills to Coast CD


CD on. Three notes in. I love this CD! The Windy Gyle Band play music from

Northumberland and Scotland and what a great sound they make! This music is as

pure as can be, there is no ‘angle’ or ‘spin’ to this CD, just great tunes successfully

executed. To me, it represents what is best about folk music: a band of enthusiasts,

led by veteran piper Anthony Robb, gathering to keep alive the music which has

been handed down to them and doing a bloody good job of it! 40 years on from

the Cut & Dry LPs on Topic, Robb’s solo tracks show that he is still a master of the

Northumbrian pipes. This music really talks. Beautifully recorded, uncluttered and

proud, it is only one step away from the tradition which inspired it and could be a

lesson to us all. Given a chance, this could be the future of folk music… and its

past. (Mark T. - fROOTS review Dec 2016)

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