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Bellingham Show Piping Competitions Draw Great Crowds

  • Bellingham Show Bellingham Northumberland United Kingdom (map)

We've had a brilliant weekend at this year's 175th Bellingham Show hosting the revamped Traditional Music tent!


The morning's music started at 11am with some great local tunes in our piping playaround.  The 'Hesleyside Reel', 'Bellingham Boat', and 'Warksburn Waltz' among others!

We were brimming with pride to see the attendance for the piping competitions stronger than it has been in many years!  This wouldn't have been possible without the support of the Alnwick Pipers Society, Tarset Ceilidh Band and not forgetting the superb efforts of Gwennie Frazer in drawing it all together.  There were 11 entries for the competitions in total!  Many thanks to all of those who entered or came along in support, and congratulations to the winners!  We hope to see you all again next year! 

Competition Results:
Novice: 1st Sarah Tym (playing Swindon & Ward's Brae) & 2nd Pam Horne (Derwentwater's Farewell & Herd on the Hill
Intermediates: 1st Dorothy Cragg (Silvery Voe & Grace Darling) & 2nd Hilary Paton (Rothbury Hills & Peacock's March)
Open: 1st Ian Stephenson (Boulavogue, Holmes' Fancy, Stagshaw Bank Fayre & Lasses Pisses Brandy) & 2nd Jocelyn Renault (A Carolan Tune, Brittany March & Greensleeves Jig)
Novice Half-Longs: 1st Iain Gelston (John Anderson My Joe & Hey for Newbiggin)
Duet Pipes: 1st Nick Leeming & Louise Woodman (Noble Squire Dacre & Blowzabella) & 2nd Nick Leeming & Marion Downes (Swindon & Wadehampton's Hornpipe)
Mixed Duets: 1st Rob & Ali Say - pipes and fiddle (The Mill, The Mill, O & Nancy) & 2nd Ian and Emily Stephenson (Redesdale Hornpipe & Buttered Peas). 

The afternoon brought a fantastic array of music from Tarset Ceilidh Band, Alnwick Pipers and Tyneside Fiddle Alliance as well as captivating performances from local singers David McCracken and Abbey Tilley.  The show finale was an energetic set from Bellingham's own Landermason!

We'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came along to perform this weekend!  All of the performances were really enjoyable and it was wonderful to hear so much local music!  We'd also like to thank everyone who popped into the tent at any point during the day.  It was great to have such a crowd gathered to listen - we'll be ordering a larger tent for next year!!!