A Champion of Champions for Bellingham!
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A Champion of Champions for Bellingham!

This year’s Bellingham Show on Saturday 31st August brought Northumbrian Pipers in from near and far to compete in the annual Show competitions.


Competition judge Kathryn Tickell said ‘It was great to see so many people dropping into the tent to listen to some music.  The piping competitions were also well supported, which is fantastic as Bellingham Show has such a long tradition of supporting Northumbrian piping’. 

Champion of Champions, Anthony Robb with judge Kathryn Tickell.jpg

The competitions even saw two entries to the ‘Champion of Champions’ class, a category last contested in 2010 (when it was claimed by Rob Say from Wall).  ‘Champion of Champions’, only open to those who have previously won top level competitions across Northumberland, was awarded this year to Anthony Robb, piper and fiddle player with Windy Gyle Band (pictured, photo credited to Pam Horne). 

The ‘Spencer Cup’, with an additional engraved name, will now return to Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum, where it will be kept in pride of place until next year’s competitions. 

The Bellingham competitions, hosted by Magnetic North East CIC, cater for all levels of Northumbrian piping.  A notable performance came from Sophie Fraser (aged 12), who won the Novice trophy, with an inspiring and tuneful command of the instrument.   (Full results below)

In the afternoon, a varied programme consisted of singers Abbey Tilley, Mike Tickell and David McCracken, and bands including The Sunday Trio, Tarset’s Song Reivers, Woolsington Strings and Tarset Ceilidh Band. 

The afternoon was drawn to a close with a delightful rendition of ‘Sweet Hesleyside’ and ‘Hesleyside Reel’, led by Kathryn Tickell.

A huge thanks to everyone who came along and helped make it such an enjoyable day!

Piping Competition Results

NOVICE - 1st place - Sophie Fraser ( Rothbury Hills/Hesleyside Reel)

OPEN - 1st place - Andrew Lawrenson (Cuckold Come out the Amery/The Omnibus/ Rowan Tree Hill

2nd place - Sarah Tym (Keening in the Wind (B Pigg)/Shields Fair/Highland Laddie

OPEN HALF-LONGS - 1st place - Iain Gelston (Cotting Burn/Dorrington Lads/Over the Border)

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS - 1st place - Anthony Robb (Inisheer/Nay Good Luck/Glen Aln Hornpipe)

2nd place - Andrew Lawrenson (Rookland Lasses/Keel Row with variations)

DUET PIPES - 1st place - Nick Leeming & Ann Sessoms (Swindon/Herd on the Hill)

2nd place - Anthony Robb & Andrew Lawrenson (Ned of the Hill/Proudlock's Hornpipe)"

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Piper's Honour - An OBE for Andrew!
2:00 pm14:00

Piper's Honour - An OBE for Andrew!

We’re honoured to be able to share this beautiful piece of music with you today, getting 2019 off to a musical start!

'Piper's Honour' was commissioned in celebration of MNE Director Andrew Davison's appointment as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the Queens Birthday Honours List 2018.
Congratulations Andrew!

Composed by Ian Stephenson in October 2018, commissioned via www.magneticnortheast.com and filmed and recorded at www.simpsonstreetstudios.com in association with Coquetdale Music Trust.

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Traditional Music draws listeners and players aplenty at Bellingham Show 2018
to 25 Sep

Traditional Music draws listeners and players aplenty at Bellingham Show 2018

  • Bellingham, Northumberland United Kingdom (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

2018 is another year to be proud of for Traditional Music at Bellingham Show, which took place on Saturday 25th August.  

The new, larger 'Northumbrian Piping & Traditional Music' tent was full to the brim with listeners and performers throughout the day, and the Northumbrian piping competitions saw an influx of wonderful young players entering a competition for the very first time! Huge congratulations to Hope and Eliza for their courage and a well done to everyone who took part in this year's competitions.


Northumbrian Piping Competition Results

1st: Melanie Rothman (Swindon/Jimmy Allen)
Tied 2nd: Eliza Henderson (Cradle Song/Hesleyside Reel) & Hope Festing (Queen Mary)

1st: Sarah Tym (Crooked Bawbee/Madame Bonaparte
2nd: Melanie Rothman (Hector the Hero/Parnell's March)

1st: Edmund Spriggs (Port Patrick/Bristol Hornpipe/Hindley Steel)
2nd: Ian Stephenson (Archie's Fancy/Herd on the Hill)

Cross the Wannies kicked off the afternoon's music with some fantastic Northumbrian favourites, including Don Clegg's 'Walk to Work at Wark' which was received with much amusement.  

Next up were the fabulous Alnwick Pipers, led by Susan Clarke on the fiddle.  The tent was full to the brim!


Northumbrian singers Abbey Tilley & David McCracken shared the stage for their set, which included Abbey's fantastic rendition of 'Bellingham Show' and David's 'Cushy Butterfield' which had the whole audience joining in for a rousing chorus! 


The Tarset Ceilidh band then had toes tapping to their superbly arranged ceilidh dance sets.


The day was topped off with performances from North Tyne Voices and Song Reivers, two choirs under the very capable leadership of Kathryn Davidson Armstrong.


We'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came along to perform or to listen, especially those who popped in and offered an extra song or a poem! You all helped make the day very special and a wonderful celebration of our Northumbrian traditions!
Thank you also to The Northumbrian Pipers' Society for providing the competition plaques and trophies, and for their support on the day.

Here's to Bellingham Show 2019! 

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Another year of Traditional Music at Bellingham Show!
10:30 am10:30

Another year of Traditional Music at Bellingham Show!

We're looking forward to welcoming you to the Traditional Music tent at Bellingham Show on Saturday 25th August 2018!

We've got another fantastic day of music planned for you, kicking off with Northumbrian piping from 11am, followed by piping competitions at 1pm, and a full afternoon of music from some fabulous local musicians.  

Bellingham ShowTraditional Music Tent.jpg

For any Northumbrian pipers who have been polishing their silver ready for this year's competitions, here are the rules.  We look forward to hearing you!

Rules 2018 Image.JPG
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Northumbrian heritage celebrated by all at The Alnwick Garden!
10:00 am10:00

Northumbrian heritage celebrated by all at The Alnwick Garden!

We'd love to extend an enormous thank you to The Alnwick Garden, who have hosted our four-part 'Celebration of Northumbrian Traditional Music and Dance' on 22nd & 29th July, 4th & 11th August 2018. The events have given us the opportunity to showcase some incredible young talent through the Duchess of Northumberland's Busking Scheme and to meet some rising stars in Northumbrian traditional music.  Thank you to all those who came along as buskers this year and worked so hard to provide a fantastic musical backing for the garden's visitors during the four events.  

The Northumbrian ceilidh has been the centrepiece at each of the traditional music days, with energetic dancing from all ages of visitors and music from some of the best of the Northeast's ceilidh band performers including the Windy Gyle Band and King Cole.  Ruth Ball has been the life and soul of the party, as caller for both bands, and has encouraged even the most timid of visitors to get involved with the dancing.  Well done Ruth!

As a Northumbrian gathering must, the ceilidhs have showcased some superb musical entertainment from Northumbrian pipers in various combinations.  One of the ceilidhs even saw a group young pipers take to the stage to share a tune alongside MNE's Andrew Davison and Windy Gyle's Anthony Robb - a very special treat indeed!

Our finale event on 11th August invited some extra special guests along to celebrate all that is Northumbrian.  We saw dynamic displays from Star & Shadow rapper and clog dancers, heard fascinating stories and songs from Balladeer Chris Jones (including one about the Piper's Boots!), and were serenaded by Northumbrian tunes from Jimmy Little, Martin Dunn, Susan Clarke and Di Jevons! King Cole ceilidh band injected another burst of energy into the day with their joyous tunes and even the weather held out for us despite the slightly dubious forecast!  

Our time at Alnwick would not have been complete without bringing out the Northeast's own unique instrument, the Northumbrian smallpipes, for the visitors to try their hand.  Thanks to The Northumbrian Pipers' Society for the loan of the plastic pipes and for their help on the day in lending some of their members as extra tutors!  
As you can see from the plentiful smiling faces, a marvellous time was had by all involved.  Our favourite quote of the day came from Rowan, aged 3: "That was amazing!"

Finally, an enormous thank you to everyone who visited The Alnwick Garden over our four days in residence, to all who joined in with the dancing, listened to and supported the buskers, sang along and helped us to celebrate the region's unique heritage.  We are very proud of our region, and it is a magical thing to see our traditions being enjoyed and pursued by individuals of all ages!

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A Celebration of Northumbrian Music and Dance at The Alnwick Garden!
to 11 Aug

A Celebration of Northumbrian Music and Dance at The Alnwick Garden!


The Alnwick Garden and Magnetic North East play host to a marvellous array of Northumbrian traditions over the next few weekends as part of the Great Exhibition of the North! #GetNorth2018

Our events kick off this Sunday 22nd July, with Northumbrian piping from 10am to open the gardens.  The Northumbrian piper will be serenading throughout the day, in the cafe, the tree-house and around the gardens.  

Windy Gyle Band - correct line-up.jpg

Visitors of all ages are invited to take part in our fabulous family ceilidh with the Windy Gyle Band from 12-2pm in the Pavillion.  

We are also very lucky to have a fantastic range of young musicians who are going to be busking in various places throughout the gardens.  Please show your support for their good causes if you can spare a few pennies.  Look out for them in the ornamental garden, the tree house, the rose garden, the cafe, the crafty cottage and the garden shop.  

All of our events are included in the price of a day ticket to the gardens - so come along and get stuck in! 

A Celebration of Northumbrian Music & Dance at.jpg
King Cole.JPG

If you're unable to make it along this Sunday, we're hosting plenty more music and dancing on the following days - 22nd July, 29th July, 4th August & 11th August 2018!

Our family ceilidhs will be lead by the wonderful King Cole Ceilidh band for our August dates, and our big finale will see the spectacular Star and Shadow rapper bring to the gardens their acrobatic routines!

Northumbrian Pipes.jpg

Come along on Saturday 11th August to hear some tall tales from our story-teller and balladeer, plus music from our charismatic roaming musicians! You can also try your hand at the Northumbrian small-pipes with Paul Knox from King Cole! 

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11:00 am11:00

Hexham's Great Northumberland Launched by Northumbrian Pipers Galore!

A host of talented pipers from Queen Elizabeth's High School, Robson's Choice and The Northumbrian Pipers' Society helped us get the Great Northumberland launch off to a gloriously musical start this weekend.  #GetNorth2018

Learn more at: https://www.greatnorthumberland.co.uk/also-happening-events/2018/7/7/opening-ceremony

Kay Adamson, Jack Famelton, Andrew Lawrenson, Gwennie Fraser, Louise Woodman and Lynn Nicholson.jpg
Northumbrian Pipers outside Queen's Hall.jpg
Andrew Lawrenson Northumbrian Piper and QEHS teacher.JPG
Kay Adamson (left) and Jack Famelton (right) from QEHS.JPG
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to 7 Jul

Sounds of the Tyne!

An enormous thanks to everyone who came along to support RCTN and Magnetic North East in our fundraiser and especially all those who got up for a #ceilidh dance! 

A very special thank you goes to all those who performed - Star and Shadow, Sesh Grenade, Slap, Squeeze & Strum and Eve Simpson plus our surprise guest!! 

Thank you very much to Laura at Crystlsd for all her hard work!

Here are some snippets of the fabulous performers!

A wonderful evening showcasing a whole range of stereotype-busting folk and Northumbrian folk music, performance and spoken-word. The evening was a great success and I am already thinking about ways in which we can work together again. Huge thanks to Kathryn and Chloe for being absolutely fantastic.
— Laura Rothwell, Crystallised
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Sounds of the Tyne - an evening of music curated and hosted by Kathryn Tickell.
7:00 pm19:00

Sounds of the Tyne - an evening of music curated and hosted by Kathryn Tickell.

This year, Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland are 40 years old!

We're helping them celebrate this Thursday 28th June at Tyne Bank Brewery with

Sounds of the Tyne

an evening of contemporary folk music, performance, dance and spoken-word bringing the North East to life, all curated and hosted by Kathryn Tickell and Magnetic North East.

The evening will feature:

7pm Eve Simpson

Eve Simpson has a voice as pure as a mountain stream, and boy can she write,' - The Crack Magazine

Often likened to Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, Eve wrapped-up 2016 as the support act on the Northern Leg of the Martha Reeves & The Vandellas tour. 2017 continued in the same fashion, supporting the likes of The Lake Poets, Cattle & Cane and American Young, adding to an extensive list of support slots that already include Beth Nielsen Chapman, UB40 and Nikki Lane.

Whilst finishing her last year of A Levels, Eve opened the BBC Introducing Stage at Evolution Emerging 2017, appearing again at the festival following 2016’s performance.

7:35pm Slap Squeeze and Strum (Phil Corbitt, Zoe Lambert and Jane Holman/Wade)

Three of the North East’s favourite music and theatre performers who have worked in a variety of combinations over the decades bringing the words and music of the North to life. With a new set of local material stretching from classic Tyneside folk song to the music of local heroes via the sparkling prose of Julia Darling and the surreal humour of Leonard Barras, we’re all about fun, foot-tapping rhythms and gorgeous harmonies.

Interval, enjoy a drink from the award-winning Tyne Bank Brewery Tap

8:05pm Star and Shadow Rapper

Star & Shadow are a multi-award winning Rapper sword dance team, based in the Ouseburn Valley. Showcasing their own unique spin on Northumberland’s own traditional dance, Star & Shadow will amaze you with their glistening steel blades, twirling skirts and acrobatic routines!

8:25pm Sesh Grenade

Two words - Session. Explosion.

That’s the aim of the Newcastle upon Tyne band Sesh Grenade. It’s a warts and all approach to distil the joy of improvised tradition music-making from the North East. A fresh line-up now invites accordion power-house Amy Thatcher and Jazz drummer Jonathan Marriott to join the session! Take Cover and wait for the Sesh Grenade Disco Party!

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A tune amongst the cherry blossom!  A perfect celebration of spring!
to 26 May

A tune amongst the cherry blossom! A perfect celebration of spring!

Andrew and Chloe took a trip up to Alnwick Gardens on 30th April to make the most of the garden's gorgeous cherry trees in full bloom.  Here are a couple of videos of Andrew playing Northumbrian traditional tunes 'Rowan Tree Hill' and 'Welcome to the town again'.  

To find out more about the Northumbrian smallpipes visit http://www.magneticnortheast.com/northumbrian-pipes

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A fantastic evening of skill-sharing with like-minded musicians & aspiring teachers!
to 25 May

A fantastic evening of skill-sharing with like-minded musicians & aspiring teachers!

Magnetic North East's first ‘Training the Trainer’ evening on 24th April 2018 brought together a selection of the North East's aspiring young teachers and musicians, to share experience, creative tips and techniques for teaching.  

The workshop featured the innovative approaches of Stacey Riley, the Director of Music and Performance for The Laidlaw School’s Trust.  Riley’s focus on whole class behaviour strategies promoted the importance of positive role-models and establishing a sense of belonging in the classroom. 

Ex-Folkworks Education Director, David Oliver shared fascinating insights into the vital elements of being an engaging teacher.  The evening was rounded off by renowned fiddle tutor and workshop leader Stewart Hardy, who enlightened the group with the importance of effective preparation and knowing when to abandon a plan!

"At Magnetic North East we’re passionate about promoting the region, particularly through it’s music, culture, heritage and creativity. To nurture a new generation we need great teachers…and there were some brilliant ideas and strategies being shared.” - Kathryn Tickell

Thanks to all who came along and made the evening so valuable and enjoyable! A special thanks to Stacey, Stewart and David for your enthuasiasm and engaging presentations!

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6:00 pm18:00

Training the Trainer

  • Newcastle University Armstrong Building (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS
logo wide.JPG

Do You Aspire to Teach Music? 
Are You a Teacher Looking for New Ideas?

Training the Trainer.JPG


An evening of workshops for musicians and music teachers alike:
sharing best practice and building confidence in teaching methods.


Stacey Riley, David Oliver & Stewart Hardy

24th April 2018 6pm-9pm
Newcastle University Armstrong Building

Workshops include:

Whole Class Behaviour Strategies for Effective Learning
(Stacey Riley)

Delivering Great Workshops – Some Basic Principles
(David Oliver)

Ready for Anything – Effective Preparation in Teaching Folk Music
(Stewart Hardy)
(including anticipating needs, monitoring progression, when to abandon a plan & engaging warm-ups)

Places are limited to ensure that participants have opportunities to explore specific questions and concerns.  Book your place now.

Tickets £8 from



Stacey is a specialist in Music in Education and is developing new and innovative ways to use music to impact children's learning across the wider schools’ curriculum. Stacey started playing clarinet at the age of 7 and progressed through The Royal Northern College of Music Junior School and Chethams School of Music. She was a primary classroom teacher for 13 years and is now the Director of Music and Performance for The Laidlaw Schools Trust. Her innovative approach to using music in the classroom is yielding impressive results and is attracting the attention of key figures in music education.


Stewart is renowned as one of the top fiddle tutors in the UK. He is both classically trained and steeped in the traditional music of Northumberland & Scotland, which is reflected in his approach to teaching. In great demand as both a private tutor and as a workshop leader, Stewart can be found teaching across the UK and beyond, leading regular and one-off workshops, tutoring on Summer Schools and leading projects in schools. For many years Stewart was a core instrumental tutor and lecturer on the Folk Degree at Newcastle University. He also directed the Folkworks Adult Summer School for three years as well as several award winning European projects for young musicians. Current projects include regular tuition for JSArts (both fiddle and mixed instruments workshops), leading Tyneside Fiddle Alliance, teaching on residential courses such as the Historically Informed Summer School, and directing and tutoring for the North East Fiddle School.


A former High School headteacher from Hexham, Northumberland, David Oliver was Folkworks Education Director from 1993 to 2009, and has wide and varied experience of organising and delivering courses, workshops and training events in folk music, song and dance.  He’s a leading Northumbrian dance band accordionist and caller, leader of The Hedgehog's Skin and creator of The Hexham Village Band, a 30-strong community ceilidh band. From 2006 until 2012 he was musical director of the Tynedale Community Choir. In recent years he has led community music projects in Hungary, India,  South Africa, Burkina Faso, Spain, Sweden, Japan, the USA and France. David is co-author of Folk Voiceworks (OUP 2007), author of English Accordion Music (Schott 2008) and creator of the best-selling Folkworks Session Collection. He was Chair of FolkArts England 2003 to 2009, and is now supposed to be retired.
These are the facts. What you really need to know is that David Oliver is a passionate, cheerful and engaging advocate of Northern England’s music and dance, who loves to encourage everyone to be happy, confident and enthusiastic about participating and sharing in our great musical traditions.

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Magnetic North East 2017 Annual Concert Announced!
7:30 pm19:30

Magnetic North East 2017 Annual Concert Announced!

We are excited to announce our second major concert in Sage One which will take place on 10th November 2017!  Join us for a diverse evening of music, dance and poetry!

Featuring the stunning songs of Sunderland troubadour Martin Longstaff (The Lake Poets) and the superbly energetic North East/Scandi fusion of Baltic Crossing, who unite fiery Scandinavian fiddles with the irresistible energy of the Northumbrian pipes, this is an unmissable event!  FURTHER ACTS ANNOUNCED include Magnetic North East's highly sought after youth band Superfolkus, and dynamic rapper sword team Star & Shadow!

We are also proud to be launching a new anthology from Britain’s leading poetry publisher, Bloodaxe Books!

 ‘Land of Three Rivers’ is a celebration of North-East England in poetry, featuring its places and people, culture, history, language and stories in poems and songs with both rural and urban settings.


The Lake Poets - “Beautiful and quietly devastating – Stunningly heart-breaking music”. 
BBC 6 Music

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A standing ovation to all musicians and audience members for Magnetic Concert!
to 20 Dec

A standing ovation to all musicians and audience members for Magnetic Concert!

We'd like to express an enormous thank you to everyone who came along to our concert on 10th November 2017 in Sage One.  Audience members and performers alike contributed to an unforgettable evening celebration of our North East culture and heritage, of which we are immensely proud.


The evening began with displays on the concourse from Northumberland National Park who brought along their interactive Dark Skies exhibit, The Society of Northumbrian Scribes demonstrating their wonderful calligraphy skills, and Folkworks Tuesday who ran a fantastic 'Try-the-Pipes' stall.  Even the pre-show music was provided by our very own Andrew Davison - who played his Northumbrian pipes in the hall as the audience came in. 

The evening also hosted the launch of a brand new poetry anthology from leading publisher Bloodaxe Books.  'Land of Three Rivers', taking its name from the title of a Vin Garbutt song, maps the region in poems relating to the North East’s past and present, depicting life from Roman times, through medieval Northumbria and the industrial era of mining and ship-building, up to the present day. We were delighted to see the books flying off our concourse stall!  Apologies to anyone who arrived after they were all gone - we have some more stock available here.


Surprise guests on the night included the inimitable Jimmy Nail, who performed his classic 'Big River' with a backing band including Kathryn Tickell & Superfolkus.  

Our charismatic compere for the evening was Victoria Elliott, who gave a stunning reading of Bill Herbert's 'The Blazing Grater'.


Other acts included Sunderland's own Marty Longstaff performing as 'The Lake Poets', North-East/Scandi fusion fantastics - Baltic Crossing, the dynamic Star & Shadow Rapper, and of course, the fabulous Superfolkus

A huge thanks must go to Folkestra who provided entertainment for the interval and to Sesh Grenade who brought the night to a storming finish!

The icing on the cake was a superb musical performance of Wilfred Gibson's poem 'Fallowfield Fell' and 'Divent Clash the Door' from Thomas Walling Primary Academy.  Kathryn has thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and staff at Thomas Walling and was incredibly proud to be able to showcase their hard work!

Click here for a full review of the concert from Greg Freeman. 


We hope that you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did!

With many heartfelt thanks,

All at Magnetic North East CIC.


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to 25 Dec

New gifts & stunning cards ready for Christmas!!

We have some wonderful gifts available in our online shop including our new
'11 Pipers Piping' Christmas cards by Natalie Rae Reid.  A fantastic celebration of our local Northumbrian piping culture!

11 pipers cards.jpg
KT and David Almond.png

We are also celebrating the launch of the 'Land of Three Rivers' poetry anthology from Bloodaxe Books, which takes place this Friday 10th November 2017! 
This fabulous volume captures the essence of North-East England through poetry, featuring its places and people, culture, history, language and stories in the form of poems and songs.  

After the success of the 'Tales and Tunes' tour with Kathryn Tickell and David Almond, the pair have created a superb bookette in 'Words and Music' to capture the creativity and personality of these two North East artists.  
(Bookette: small book…but posher than a booklet!)

We wish you a fantastically Merry Christmas, full of music and poetry!

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Bellingham Show Piping Competitions Draw Great Crowds
to 30 Sep

Bellingham Show Piping Competitions Draw Great Crowds

We've had a brilliant weekend at this year's 175th Bellingham Show hosting the revamped Traditional Music tent!


The morning's music started at 11am with some great local tunes in our piping playaround.  The 'Hesleyside Reel', 'Bellingham Boat', and 'Warksburn Waltz' among others!

We were brimming with pride to see the attendance for the piping competitions stronger than it has been in many years!  This wouldn't have been possible without the support of the Alnwick Pipers Society, Tarset Ceilidh Band and not forgetting the superb efforts of Gwennie Frazer in drawing it all together.  There were 11 entries for the competitions in total!  Many thanks to all of those who entered or came along in support, and congratulations to the winners!  We hope to see you all again next year! 

Competition Results:
Novice: 1st Sarah Tym (playing Swindon & Ward's Brae) & 2nd Pam Horne (Derwentwater's Farewell & Herd on the Hill
Intermediates: 1st Dorothy Cragg (Silvery Voe & Grace Darling) & 2nd Hilary Paton (Rothbury Hills & Peacock's March)
Open: 1st Ian Stephenson (Boulavogue, Holmes' Fancy, Stagshaw Bank Fayre & Lasses Pisses Brandy) & 2nd Jocelyn Renault (A Carolan Tune, Brittany March & Greensleeves Jig)
Novice Half-Longs: 1st Iain Gelston (John Anderson My Joe & Hey for Newbiggin)
Duet Pipes: 1st Nick Leeming & Louise Woodman (Noble Squire Dacre & Blowzabella) & 2nd Nick Leeming & Marion Downes (Swindon & Wadehampton's Hornpipe)
Mixed Duets: 1st Rob & Ali Say - pipes and fiddle (The Mill, The Mill, O & Nancy) & 2nd Ian and Emily Stephenson (Redesdale Hornpipe & Buttered Peas). 

The afternoon brought a fantastic array of music from Tarset Ceilidh Band, Alnwick Pipers and Tyneside Fiddle Alliance as well as captivating performances from local singers David McCracken and Abbey Tilley.  The show finale was an energetic set from Bellingham's own Landermason!

We'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came along to perform this weekend!  All of the performances were really enjoyable and it was wonderful to hear so much local music!  We'd also like to thank everyone who popped into the tent at any point during the day.  It was great to have such a crowd gathered to listen - we'll be ordering a larger tent for next year!!!

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Piping Competitions & Traditional Music at Bellingham Show!
to 27 Aug

Piping Competitions & Traditional Music at Bellingham Show!

We're delighted to be hosting the Piping Competitions & Traditional Music tent for Bellingham Show's 175th year!  

The show takes place on 26th August 2017 and will draw in crowds from across the North East to enjoy live bands, livestock judging, terrier racing, children’s activities, traditional games, wrestlingNorthumbrian piping, vintage vehicles, dog show, fell racing and much, much more.

The piping competitions have been an important feature of the show for the greater part of two centuries.  With Northumbrian music a central part of our heritage, we wish to maintain this treasured feature of the Bellingham Show, celebrating the regional significance of our Northumbrian piping, song and tune traditions.

Come along to compete, join in with the piping sessions (from 11am) or simply to enjoy music from a great variety of North East acts! 

11.00 Northumbrian Piping F Session.  All welcome.

13.00 Northumbrian Piping Competitions
 (Judged by Kathryn Tickell) followed by further piping.

14.30 Tarset Ceilidh-Band
14.50 David McCracken
15.10 Abbey Tilley
15.25 Alnwick Pipers
Tyneside Fiddle Alliance
16.10 Landermason

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Kathryn Tickell & Superfolkus on Holy Island
4:00 pm16:00

Kathryn Tickell & Superfolkus on Holy Island

Our very own Kathryn Tickell with her band Superfolkus have now been confirmed as the headline act for the Holy Island Festival 2017!  

The concert will take place at 4pm on Sunday 16th July 2017 and will feature an exciting new composition by Kathryn, commissioned especially for this year's event!  

Tickets are now on sale - Have you got yours?

For more info on this year's festival, check out the website: http://www.holyislandfestival.org/#/

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Magnetic North East - Hexham Gathering Village Hall Tours!
to 28 May

Magnetic North East - Hexham Gathering Village Hall Tours!

With a selection of gifted young artists introduced by Kathryn Tickell and Magnetic North East, we have exciting line-ups for our 3 Hexham Gathering concerts!

Performers include members of Superfolkus, a top level youth folk ensemble, who are already playing at a professional level and have delighted audiences across the UK, and also some exciting new, younger musicians. 

Come along to support the region's best emerging young talent, and enjoy tradition in the making!

Dates, Times & Venues

Stocksfield Community Centre, Thursday 25 May, 7.30pm
Grace Smith – fiddle, clog dancing
Jordan Aikin (whistle) & Alasdair Paul (guitar)
Elizabeth Quigley – Harp
Abi Rees – Accordion
Abbey Tilley – North East songs

Allendale Village Hall, Friday 26 May, 7.30pm
Cream Tees
Michael Biggins – accordion
Scott Turnbull – guitar
Lexie Wilson– harp
Wingrove Singers

Wark Town Hall and Mechanics Institute, Sunday 28 May, 7.30pm
Michael Biggins – accordion
Scott Turnbull – guitar
Wingrove singers
Lexie Wilson – harp

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International Bagpiping Day
to 12 Mar

International Bagpiping Day

  • St James and St Basil's Church (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Northumbrian Pipers' Society is hosting a piping extravaganza from 10th-12th March to celebrate International Bagpiping Day!  There will be plenty of opportunities to talk to like-minded piping-enthusiasts or try out the Northumbrian pipes if you are looking to learn!  There will also be playarounds, workshops and makers' tables - followed by an evening concert on Saturday 12th featuring a number of top bagpipers - not just playing the Northumbrian pipes!   

All of the day time events are free!  It's an event not to be missed!


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MNE needs you….!
to 16 Jan

MNE needs you….!

Magnetic North East CIC (MNE) is looking for a self-employed part time administrator to help implement the strategic objectives of the organisation. This is an exciting opportunity to join Magnetic North East (MNE) at a crucial point in its development.

MNE (see www.magneticnortheast.com) is an ambitious new Community Interest Company, established by Kathryn Tickell and Andrew Davison. Its purpose is to celebrate and promote the North East of England through its music, song, dance, heritage and culture. Initially it will do this through its online agency (where clients can hire a traditional musician, ceilidh band etc. or commission a new work); through Superfolkus, our youth folk ensemble; by organizing workshops, classes, concerts and ceilidhs; and by engaging with schools and community groups.

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MNE Grand Launch concert…
to 13 Nov

MNE Grand Launch concert…

Was a great success. Thank you to all who came and enjoyed a wonderful night of NE culture, music, song and dance.

Save the date for next years event: November 10th 2017!

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Magnetic North East's Grand Launch Concert – with Kathryn Tickell and special guests
7:30 pm19:30

Magnetic North East's Grand Launch Concert – with Kathryn Tickell and special guests

Our OFFICIAL LAUNCH CONCERT is on November the 4th at the Sage Gateshead.

It will be a fantastic evening of music, song and dance with an unmistakably North East flavour.

Book your tickets now to see Kathryn Tickell, Alistair Anderson, our own youth ensemble Superfolkus (fresh from their triumphs at various summer festivals!) amazing rapper sword dancers The Kingsmen and many MANY more special guests.

There will be at least one WORLD PREMIERE as well - so don’t miss it!

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Our first release is available now!
to 27 Nov

Our first release is available now!

Water of Tyne is a collections of traditional and contemporary songs based around the river Tyne. Lovingly curated by Kathryn Tickell, the CD features the smoky tones of Hannah Rickard (recently guesting with Status Quo!) The Unthanks, Jimmy Nail’s iconic ‘Big River’ song, sung by local legend Bob Fox (of War Horse) as well as our own youth group Superfolkus with a modern take on ‘Dance to Your Daddy’.
It’s a cracker!

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